Transactions are where the true power of Coinage lies, it's something you'll get really good at!

To create a new transaction: 

  1. Start by pressing the "New Transaction" button: 

  2. The transaction editor will appear: 

  3. Press the "description" label to edit the description: 

  4. Once you're satisfied with your description, confirm your changes by pressing "enter" or "return" on your keyboard, or pressing the "Confirm Edits" button: 

  5. Now, you should setup the amount of your transaction by pressing the "amount" label:

  6. You will be presented with the amount editor where you can type your amount: 

  7. Once you're satisfied with the amount, pressing the "Save Amount" button will confirm your changes: 

  8. You should now have a successfully configured transaction, now we just need to save.  Press the "Save Transaction" button: 

That's it! You've now successfully created a transaction in Coinage.